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Custom Built Barns

Barns - Custom Built Barn
Barns - Custom Built Barn
Barns - Custom Built Barn

All of our Barns:

  • Are custom built on-site
  • Come with a 2-year warranty
  • Are constructed on 4X4 pressure treated runners to resist rot and decay
  • Have 6′ Continuous aluminum hinge on doors
  • Are made with floor joists that are 12″ o/c
  • Are built using studs and rafters that are 24″ o/c
  • Have 2X4 Door trim to reduce warping
  • Include a 5/8″ CDX plywood floor
  • Made with 25-year shingles on the roof
  • Have “SmartSide” siding

To speak with us about a custom Barn, please call (215) 589-3940 or request quote.

Listed below are all of our current prices for our custom barns. We also have many building options that you can add to your barn to customize it just the way you want.

All barn sizes have 3 numbers:

First number = width of the barn, doors
Second number = depth of the barn front to back
Third number = height of the barn to the peak of the roof.

4′ Side Wall
 8X8X8 $1,799
 8X10X8 $1,899
 8X12X8 $1,999
 8X16X8 $2,499
7′ Side Wall
 10X10X11 $2,599
 10X12X11 $2,699
 10X16X11 $2,899
 10X18X11 $3,199
 10X20X11 $3,299
 12X12X13 $3,599
 12X16X12 $4,099
 12X20X13 $4,599
 12X24X13 $5,199
 16X16X15 $5,799
 16X20X15 $6,999
 16X24X15 $8,199
8′ Side Wall
 16X16X16 $5,999
 16X20X16 $7,199
 16X24X16 $8,399
6′ Side Wall
 8X8X9’6 $1,999
 8X10X9’6 $2,199
 8X12X9’6 $2,299
 8X16X9’6 $2,899
 10X10X10 $2,399
 10X12X10 $2,499

Due to high gas prices, a $20 gas surcharge will be added to each barn.

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